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  • Heights of Wierdness: New ABCD's of English Language!

    Even though India's a country yet in the developing process, but what remains remains a mystery to us is -- "why the minds of some gems of our generation aren’t developing." If you have been an active user on social-networking sites, you’ll know this kind of people. Ruthless, merciless, rude and insensitive towards this language "English", they'll roast, fry, bake and finally tear off each word like it’s their own property.

    There's an endless list of crap words that adds to the nuisance caused. But on the same time, their efforts are commendable. After all our so-called English speaking people have made their own vocab now. To exemplify, we've penned down some words.

    “Picture” with “Picha”

    Yes, sounds as it is spelled. Weirdness has just started. The reason behind this change is that “Picha” is easy to type and sounds cool.

    But this condition differs when it comes to the word “Cool” which is now “Kewl” and literally we might burst our mind off wondering why this transformation occurred, since typing kewl is even more time taking than the regular one with two o’s!!

    Ma is what we've used for ages to address our lovely mothers. But not anymore since “My” is now “ma”. So apparently “ma” is everywhere, ‘ma cellphone’, ‘ma bike’, ‘ma bag’ and ‘ma college’. The only bad thing is that our original ‘ma’ might not be proud of this. The next spot is taken by ‘ba’ and ‘ny’, believe it or not, these are the replacements for ‘by’ and ‘any’. Kewl, isn’t it?

    Around 380 million people are speaking this third most spoken language in the world. English must be pretty strong right? Well not stronger than us, we kill it every day!

    Whom-so-ever initiated this slow poisioning of English language, must’ve been a very busy man. But did he not know that while he was busy murdering one of the most sophisticated languages in the world, there are hundreds of kids fighting hard preparing for Spelling bee to honor the same.

    To cut the stretch, it is requested to, those who do, those who don’t and those who do but will say they don’t, please don’t kill this language. For the sake being kewl… err… cool, you don’t use such words, it makes you look like a fool!