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  • JEE Main 2013 early analysis - B.Arch | Paper 2 - JEE Main 2013 review and reactions



    A lot of B.Arch aspirants must be feeling on top of the world after the paper 2 this year. Not many students knew what to expect from the new JEE Main 2013 Paper 2. But, as it transpires, the paper was not really different from the exam last year.

    Our correspondents in different cities went about the task of asking aspirants what they thought of this year's paper. Early reports suggest that B.Arch aspirants did not find much surprises in this year's paper. Unlike last year when 32% of the students found the exam to be tough, this year only 25% subscribed to that view. Last year as many as 50% of the students thought the paper was easy. This year that number is expected to go up.

    Let us look at the earliest reactions that are coming in from across the country.

    New Delhi
    Vipul Chaudhry, our correspondent in New Delhi has been camping at DPS RK Puram since paper 1. He reports that the picture isn't much different from the paper 1. Delhi students are known for their ability to crack important exams.

    Poonam, a resident of Noida, suggested that she was able to finish off her paper in less than 3 hours. She is looking to get into SPA Delhi, which she says should not be a problem with the effort she has put in. She smartly adds that she being a Delhi school girl will b eligible for her local state quota.

    Sahil, another student who had come down all the way from Rohini, was equally ecstatic. He said his hard work might just pay off now that he has managed to ace the paper.

    Overall, the mood in Delhi was quite positive.


    Mahesh Chand, our reporter from Mumbai has been at the Swami Vivekanand School in Chembur since 1 PM. He suggests that the students seem to be quite happy with the way the paper was framed. He says initially at 1 PM, the students who were in the premises of the center weren't in the mood to talk or converse even with their parents but the chitter chatter after the exams is significantly high.

    Varun Patel, a student from Ahmedabad who unfortunately had to travel a long way from Ahmedabad was of the view that the trip was worth. No familiar faces in the crowd made him less nervous and subsequently he was able to perform better than expected.


    Chennai has traditionally done very well in the Paper 2. There is considerable interest in architecture amongst its class 12th students. This year, there seemed to be a lot of worried faces in the crowd.

    Mohini S, a student from Trichy was moderately sure of her performance. She says that only prayers could yield the desired results now! Sai Vasav, another student from Coimbatore said that having reached Chennai only early morning made it tough for him to concentrate on the exam. He hopes he can scrape through to a good college.


    Rabindra Ghosh, our correspondent from Kolkata has been at various centers conducting JEE Main this year and he sums up the feeling in Kolkata as sombre. Students dont expect much and have faint hopes of making it to the top SPAs of the country.

    "Better luck for other exams" seems to be the mantra. The bandh called by the communists didnt help the motivation either.

    That sums up our experience of how the mood is across the 4 major metros. Keep coming back to this article to see how students in other cities are reacting to this years' JEE.

    We wil
    l soon come out with the detailed subject wise and topic wise analysis.

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