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  • JEE Main 2013 Online Exam | What to Expect - Last Minute Tips

    Now that the offline JEE Mains 2013 is done and dusted, it is time to understand what the online version could have in store for the aspirants. The general consensus from the last two year's is that the online version is a notch tougher than the offline version.

    If we analyze what the reasons for that could be, then the following comes to mind:

    1. Students are slightly more aware of what to expect!

    Yes, that is something that is absolutely true. Since so many students and friends around you would have already given the offline version and shared their experiences, you will be in a much better position to judge what the test setters are thinking this time around.

    2. A student can change his options

    Now, how advantageous is that! In the paper and pencil version, once an option is marked, it is simply not possible to change it. Even if you know the right answer, the eventuality that you cannot undo your mistake can take its toll during the course of the exam.

    3. Mark your answers for review at a later stage

    This functionality enables the student to go back to a previous question during any point of time during the exam. Isn't this feature one to crave for in the paper version. Life would be much easier!

    4. Its just more comfortable

    Overall the test taker has other numerous advantages like being able to choose the time of exam, extra time to study than the others and being able to see at once which questions are pending, which need to be reviewed and which are already answered.

    In a nutshell, FE believes that the online version of the exam has its own benefits and can actually improve your scores as compared to the offline version of the test.

    We wish all of you the very best for the exam starting 9th April!

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