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  • An Easy JEE Main 2013 is making students UNEASY | Boon or Bane?

    Over 11 lakh aspirants yesterday took the first ever JEE Main for admission into the prestigious IITs and NITs. Students across the country felt that the JEE was much easier than last year’s AIEEE and probably one of the easiest exams in a long time.

    What one wonders is, how it will affect the students themselves. An easy exam is always not a good thing. Let us understand why that could be the case:

    1. Everyone can answer easy questions

    Now, even though that is not 100% correct, but it is true to some extent. The difference between a good student and an average student is seldom about cramming but mostly about how one tackles the difficult questions. Good students and average students can both answer the easy questions but only the good students can answer the difficult ones!
    It is therefore difficult to judge who is the better of the two in any ‘easy’ exam.

    2. The Unforgiving Luck Factor

    Now, when everyone scores well, who decides who gets the admission? Well, the answer is simple – LUCK!
    Learning to crack difficult questions takes some real hard work but when that gets discounted, it is all about luck, isn’t it? One can expect a lot of mediocre talent to make it through on the basis of luck when it comes to easy exams!

    3. Dents the confidence of a Good Student

    Such exams leave the good student unsure of where he will finally be ranked. Had it been the case that there were more difficult questions, the good student would have been fairly confident of his success but an easy exam doesn’t help. It dents his confidence severely and makes him real “Uneasy”.

    So, we ask again – Was it a good thing that the JEE Main 2013 was quite Easy? We think it was not. Let us hope that is not true and that the good students make it to the top this time around too!

    All the Best!

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