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  • India's Best Engineering Colleges | 100 Top Colleges Ranked

    In this age where every other magazine or publication is coming out with its ranking of engineering colleges, we at FE were quite reluctant to do the same. We have always felt that ranking colleges has no perfect means and different colleges might be the best for a greater spectrum of students from across the country.

    VIT Vellore for instance enjoys a high ranking for students from south but the same cant be said of it in the northern part of the country. Similarly, colleges like Thapar University are considered as one of the really good colleges in the north but hardly anyone recognizes it in the south. With such a large number of colleges in India - more than 4000 to be exact, how is it possible to rank colleges from lets say 1 to 100.

    The best way we figured was to ask the students themselves. We launched our college rankings survey in February 2013. More than 7500 students participated from across the country in our survey. 188,350 valid votes were cast and now we are ready to share the results with everyone. In the process, we have also become the largest survey based rankings in India.

    This huge participation has ensured that the rankings have been calculated after a lot of data crunching and after taking into account the views of almost 1% of the total number of engineering students in India.

    So, what about the results?

    IIT Bombay has emerged as India's best engineering college for the year 2013 and is followed by IIT Delhi. IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Madras round out the top 5. This result is definitely on expected grounds.

    BITS Pilani is ranked 9th and is the best private college in India.

    The highest ranked NIT is NIT Warangal. It is ranked 10th overall.

    What is surprising is the wide acceptance of the newer IITs. A lot of newer IITs have beaten much older and established colleges. It is difficult to imagine a IIT Indore or Bhubhaneshwar beating an established institute like DTU or MNNIT Allahabad. But, that is precisely how the students rate these colleges.

    There is no plausible explanation for this apart from the fact that "brand" still reigns supreme.

    The bottomline is, most of the new IITs have got good ranks and beaten the older NITs hands down.

    If you think you are also studying in one of the top colleges, check out the complete list of engineering college rankings. We also have zone-wise ranking along with a demarcation of government and private colleges. Students can also see the top ranked colleges for most of the major entrance exams.Students can also compare 3 colleges at once using our college comparison tool.