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  • Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting a B-School

    WITH GLOBAL economy fuelling the competitive domestic market, the need to hire talent to help manage strategy and growth to sustain business becomes crucial. According to survey conducted by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), around 79 per cent of the companies plan to employ recent MBA graduates this year as compared to 72 per cent in the year 2011. Even small entrepreneurial companies are quick to realize the actual value management graduates add to the staff.

    However, in spite of this encouraging trend not all School graduates are considered job ready even though having the coveted degree. Although arming oneself with an MBA degree opens plenty possibilities in the corporate world, one needs make a well informed and judicious 0 while deciding on a B- School.

    Choosing a good college for management studies requires time and thoughtfulness before making the final selection. One needs to analyze certain parameters like unique pedagogy, updated curriculum, code of conduct, faculty, infrastructure, alumni and placements are essential to judge before joining a B School.

    Visiting a college web site, learning about what events take place, who visits as guest speakers, and how to get in touch with current students and faculty is a good way to supplement a campus visit. Here are some of the parameters for selecting an excellent BSchool.


    Faculty and its quality have an enduring impact on the overall quality of the school. Simply no institution can help in the proper complete development and aptitude development of the students unless the teachers and professors are experienced enough for teaching and posses the required qualifications. Tremendously qualified and experienced teachers with degree from stellar institutes and industry experience can be instrumental in imparting practical knowledge rather than only theoretical.


    Placements have an important role in selecting a good MBA Institute. While selecting, students should look for the companies that regularly visit the college campuses and inquire about the placement percentage of the college. It is always wiser to inquire via alternative sources like previous students or existing seniors.


    With a shift in the pedagogical approach, B- School are designing courses that are in sync with the fast changing needs and trends in the industry. Instead of laying emphasis on courses like strategic management, strategic marketing and strategic HR curriculums are increasingly including courses like organization of work and management of resources at the work site to enhance skill building and knowledge building of the students.


    In todayís competitive global scenario, it becomes imperative for students to choose a truly meaningful institute rather than blindly follow a brand name. Rather than following the popular perception, students should do an in- depth investigation about the institute assessing academic resources and professional excellence and deciding what is the best for them.


    The biggest tangible evaluation one can draw about any B School is by interacting with the alumni. The alumnus of any Institute will speak volumes about the performance of the college & the direction & change it has provided to the candidate in his/ her tenure with the brand.


    Accreditation is an easy and sure- shot method to determine standards. Accrediting bodies have comprehensive websites which are updated regularly.

    Recognition by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is mandatory for all technical courses. A visit to its website, followed by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) website, will give an idea about the credentials.

    If the Institute name does not appear on both these sites, itís most certainly a bad choice. The availability of good and experienced faculty members have an enduring impact on the overall stature and prestige of an institute