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  • Cut Offs Expected to be very High | Delhi University

    AFTER high pass percentages, it is time for high cut- offs in Delhi University.

    More the 12,000 students have scored above 90 per cent in class XII this year in the country.

    The number of students in this bracket is 44,676 this year which is from 32,662 last year. In Delhi alone, 10,129 students have scored more than 90 per cent this year while 1,857 students have scored more than 95 per cent.

    DU officials say these figures are high enough to get the cut- offs in campus colleges spiralling by at least 1.5 to 2 per cent. They say the number of seats in DU remain the same though the high- scorers ( above 90 per cent) in Delhi have exceeded by 3,000 this year. Last year, 7,581 students in Delhi had scored above 90 per cent. DU is known to attract students from all parts of the country and education boards.

    The total number of seats in DU remains 54,000. The number of students who have scored above 90 per cent marks in more than 44,000 in the country. Calculations show that in Delhi alone, nearly 8,200 students have got marks between 90 and 95 percent.

    So, naturally, campus colleges would like to hike their cutoffs enough to avoid over- admissions, a senior DU official said. Cut- offs are decided by individual colleges on the basis of applications, that is, the number of students scoring high, and the number of seats available.

    Since, centralised application forms will not have the names of colleges, there will be no way for the admission in- charges to know how many students may just turn up for admission in their college.

    Gurpreet Singh Tuteja, deputy dean, students welfare said, Reappropriation of vacant seats ( left after scrapping the general courses) in other programmes may just stabilise the cut- offs which is a good news for students.