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  • Education Technology - the new specialization

    WHATS IN IT FOR YOU? As e- learning opportunities grow in both companies and universities, there is now a pressing need for Education Technology ( ET) professionals. A course in ET aims to train information engineers to design learning and information systems that enable organisations to bring about a quantum change in their productivity and efficiency.From designing more efficient information models for top companies to harnessing the power of technology in the classroom, ET professionals have their hands full.

    EXPERTS TAKE: The emerging field of Educational Technology ( ET) has the potential to transform the way organizations conduct business. The M. Tech ( ET) program provides students with deeper understanding of the educational technologies and information systems that bring about a transformational way in which businesses operate," says Rajendra Pandey, President, NIIT University Education Technology

    GROWTH PROSPECTS: The world of education and training has seen a tremendous change over TOP Infosys,the last decade and has progressed from teacher- centricity to learner- centricity and now to collaborative learning. Technology has impacted education by not just providing a new means of imparting education but by changing the very way learning environments can be designed.The two worlds have interlocked together giving rise to a new body of knowledge- Educational Technology or ET. This new emerging field has the potential to transform the way organisations and academic institutions function in the coming years.

    TOP RECRUITERS: Google, Microsoft, Infosys, NIIT Group, GE Technology