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  • Navigation Tutorial | Help Me I Am Lost, How To Use has been designed in a way such that navigation is not a hassle for our users. Here we present a basic navigation and usability tutorial for our users. First up is the Header section:

    The header section contains the following prominent links:

    Home: The home page contains articles which you can read and comment on. All the latest news, views and reviews as well as updates will go over here. Moreover you can also share these articles on your favourite social networking website Facebook by simply clicking the LIKE button on each corresponding page.
    Forum: This is the Forums link which will take you to the forums. FaaDoOEngineers forums are very exhaustive in terms on contents and categories. You can browse any sub-forum inside the forums by simply clicking on their link.
    How to use the forums and terminology:

    1. THREADS- If you want to share something with the world, then you will browse to the relevant category and click on the POST NEW THREAD link at the top-left hand side. You will be taken to the create new thread page from where you can easily create and submit a new thread.
    2. COMMENTS- You can share your views on a thread by simply leaving a comment under that thread on the thread page.

    In a nutshell, you can create threads on the forum, share your attachments, views and other stuff simply with the click of a button.

    Engineering Entrance Exams: This is a drop-down menu having links for IIT-JEE prep material, AIEEE prep material, as well as links for Physics, Chemistry and Maths resources.

    Download Engineering Ebooks:
    This is a drop-down menu having links for downloading ebooks of each branch of engineering.

    Download Engineering Paper presentations, seminars and reports:
    This is a drop-down menu having links for downloading projects and seminar reports for each branch of engineering.

    FaaDoOZone: The FaaDoOest section on this website! This drop down menu contains links for the FaaDoO-Video Portal, FaaDoO-Blogs and our points system!

    We hope that with this tutorial you will be able to find your way on this website, if you still face any issues or have any queries, feel free to contact us by CLICKING HERE.