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  • I Am Preparing For Engineering Entrance Exams

    I Am Preparing For Engineering Entrance Exams offers almost everything you need to prepare yourself for. Download our exclusive content from Gupta Classes specially prepared and tailor-made to suit the requirements of today�s competitive world. The notes and materials are precise, well organized and very simple to understand. Have a doubt, ask our experts from Gupta Classes your queries. Bombard them with as many questions as you want. They will answer your questions as soon as possible! If they are not available for some reasons, don�t worry, your query may be answered by one of your seniors in IITs or NITs!! Now isn�t that cool!!

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    Have queries regarding any college you are taking admission, want to discuss the placement scene, the hostel facilities, mess food, the branches, etc�.go ahead�put your questions to your seniors!! Yes, this is now possible! Simply ask everything you want to know to your seniors before making an informed decision of which college to go to! Was gathering this information always so simple??! We bet it was not!

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    Getting bored with life?? No Problem! Why don�t you try using our free video platform to watch the craziest of videos on our website. Yes, the videos are from Youtube,etc, but where else will you find the convenience of watching a selected list of videos sure to make you smile and ease tension on any education portal!! Or why don�t you try creating you�re your own blog and write some great stuff you have always to! Oh C�mon you don�t have to be shy!
    After all we are all engineers here!!! Why not define �Bakar� for the benefit of the others!!!???

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    Still not satisfied with what we have got! No Problem! Just go to the FaaDoO Toons page and check out the latest in the world of FaaDoO humour!!! Browse the archives, comment and give us new ideas for toons!!! Apart from all this stuff to do, we have an absolutely free online photo editing software! Why not give it a try??

    And for all you serious students out there who are already into making some interesting projects themselves, why don�t you visit the projects section meant for the students in engineering college!! Chance for you to do the real stuff even before entering into a college!!! There is a lot more to do. Go ahead, explore yourself!!

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    Share resources, help others, improve your FaaDoO ratings and maybe you could end up being a moderator on the forum!!! Yes, that is entirely possible! The most active users will have a chance to be selected as moderators on! Now isn�t that cool!! And even if you are not selected as a moderator, you could redeem your points and experience for some cool discount offers that will soon be announced on the website!! So keep interacting and earning points!! You may just get to redeem them for the coolest of freebies in the future!!! Just remember, sharing files will earn you many more points than simply posting!!! J Because we believe that one never loses anything while sharing knowledge, one only gains from it!! Sharing is FUN, isn�t it! It�s what the Americans call the concept of collective learning�Our rishis and sages have known that for centuries!!!

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