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  • Top 10 Engineering Inventions and Ideas from 2010

    At we always value the unparalleled contribution of all the engineers and scientists who are working hard to improve the way we live. Our series of Top 10 inventions from 2010 tries to capture and showcase the very best that our fellow FaaDoOs came up with across the world. Read on…

    Number 9 - nPower Personal Energy Generator:
    nPower Personal Energy Generator
    This interesting device runs on kinetic energy. Most of you would say – No Big Deal! But it is a big deal when you learn that it harvests one of the biggest energy hogs on earth, you. Your iPod, mobile phone or even a smaller laptop could be charged to up to 80% in just under an hour.

    Simply place the PEG in your bag or briefcase and plug in your device. The kinetic energy while you walk or drive your car will power up your gadgets. Efficient, Green and Intelligent.

    Number 10 - The Electric Eye:

    an artists impression of an electric eyeResearchers at MIT are in the process of developing a device, a microchip to be precise which would allow blind people to navigate a room without assistance or even recognize faces. Even though it won’t restore completely normal vision, we at believe that the potential is immense.

    Encased in titanium is the chip which will be implanted onto a patient’s eyeball. One would ask why only a titanium chip? Because, it will help prevent water damage! Remember your chemistry lessons, FaaDoOs?? Once implanted into the eyeball, the patient will then have to wear a pair of eyeglasses equipped with a tiny camera that transmits images directly to the chip, which in turn sends them to the brain. And with human trials only a few years away, this new device is sure to bring smiles to a lot of faces. :-)

    Check out this space tomorrow for the No.8 on our list!