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  • Recession Over...Job Market BoOMS

    recession over job market booms
    The technical jobs are back, and it's no surprise as the economy is booming again. The key sectors that limited hiring during the downturn are back to hiring again. Whether itís the heavy engineering or the automobile sector or the IT sector, we are witnessing are renewed confidence in hiring fresh talent from technical institutes and that too at lucrative pay packages.

    With India positioning itself as an auto hot-spot, a lot of opportunities in the automobile sector are opening up. All the major auto companies of the world are looking to setup camp in India after India single-handedly helped GM come out of a slump in the US auto industry.

    Even the energy sector will provide a lot of opportunities as lot of green field projects are taking off this year. The roles will be both in the new plants as well as maintenance roles in plants commissioned last year.
    Also, infrastructure and real estate sectors will present plenty of opportunities as a lot of projects in the housing as well as development sector are coming up this year.

    Core engineering areas as such electronics will see mixed opportunities as areas like embedded systems development will witness a lot of hiring, while areas like VLSI development will continue to be slow. The, telecom sector, which is the major recruiter of electronics and communication engineers, will also hire fresh talent. However, the hiring numbers are expected to be lower than the revenue growth in this sector. Despite large scale deployment and roll-out of 3G, the hiring numbers will not swell as organizations are looking to improve efficiency of operations

    The IT sector, as always will remain the largest recruiter of fresh technical talent. As many as 200,000 fresh technical graduates will get absorbed in this sector in the calendar year 2011. Not surprisingly, this number is at the least 5 times the number of fresh engineers taken by any other single sector. Though the salaries will remain low, but the large hiring trends will make it one of the hottest sectors this year.

    In a nutshell, the year 2011 will present 250,000 to 300,000 technical jobs for engineers passing out this year. With so much to pick and choose from, we at have started a JOBS section on the Forums, where we will post the HOTTEST job openings for you!

    You can visit the JOBS section here: Hottest Engineering JOBS