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  • Kodomoroid the first ever newscaster android.

    Kodomoroid the first ever newscaster android.

    Japanese scientists have unveiled what they say is the world's first news-reading android called Kodomoroid.

    Believe it or not this adolescent-looking 'Kodomoroid', an amalgamation of the Japanese word 'kodomo' (child) and 'android', delivered news of an earthquake and an FBI raid to amazed reporters in Tokyo.

    She even poked fun at her creator, telling leading robotics professor Hiroshi Ishiguro "You're starting to look like a robot!".

    The new humanoid robots named 'Otonaroid' (R) and 'Kodomoroid' (R) are pictured during a press preview.

    'Otonaroid' - 'otona' meaning adult - excused herself after a quick reboot, saying "I'm a little bit nervous".

    Both androids will work at Tokyo's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, interacting with visitors to collect data for Mr Ishiguro's studies into human reactions to the machines.