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  • Orkut to shut down on 30th sep, 2014

    Orkut to shut down on 30th sep, 2014:

    It�s time to say goodbye to ORKUT, a social networking giant of one time. It was one of the most visited websites in countries like Brazil and India until it lost to websites like Facebook and Twitter.

    The Orkut team on Monday said that the social network would shut down on September 30 this year. It also announced that from today, Orkut, which is owned by Google, would stop accepting new users.

    Orkut by 2010 had become so irrelevant that Google was forced to launch Google+ to take on Facebook.

    Still millions of people continued to visit Orkut. According to the data available on the website, 50% of Orkut users are based in Brazil while 20% are from India.