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  • Is Engineering profession meant only for male

    Is Engineering profession meant only for male.

    The majority of the public still consider engineering as a ‘male’ profession.

    Not only in a country like India where the role of women in society (talking
    about history) doesn't have good image but also in the developed countries like
    the UK, the US the number of female opting for engineering as the career is much
    low comparing with that of male.

    Such figure create an image in the mind of every individual that the profession
    engineering suit better for male.

    According to the survey conducted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
    (IMechE) , 66 per cent of the public associate the term ‘engineer’ more with men,
    with just over a quarter (27 per cent) saying they associated the term equally
    with men and women.

    Poll results show that 40 per cent of the public think the current image of
    engineering is deterring women from the profession, compared with 21 per cent
    saying it is deterring both men and women.

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