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  • Gentleman's gentleman slams Gallardo: damage worth 2 crore.

    Gentleman's gentleman slams Gallardo: damage worth 2 crore.

    In a shocking event today a valet crashes Lamborgini Gallardo into a concrete wall in front of horrified guests. The event occured in a five star rated hotel in New Delhi. Damaged caused in the accident is estimated to about 2 crores.

    "The car had been parked by valets a number of times before," distressed driver Nipun Miglani argued, saying he had borrowed the Italian-made speedster from a friend and driven to the hotel last Thursday.

    He has filed a police case against Le Meridien, which has refused to accept responsibility, as well as the valet, named as Arun Kumar. He claims the repairs have been estimated at Rs. 2 crore.

    CCTV footage apparently showed the valet bring the car from the parking area to the porch of the multi-storey hotel, which hosts several glitzy restaurants and a bar, and then briefly get out.

    After climbing back behind the wheel, he then lurches forward inexplicably, sending a colleague diving for cover before piling head-on into the wall, injuring himself in the process.

    The rear-wheel-drive Gallardo, named after a type of fighting bull, is capable of a top speed of around 200 miles an hour (321 kilometres an hour) and has an engine packing more than 550 brake horsepower.

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