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  • Engineers from the UK created world's darkest material called Vantablack

    Engineers from the UK invented the blackest material ever and it was named vanatablack.

    Vantablack, has exceptionally low mass, thermal stability and an ability to absorb 99.96 per cent of incident radiation.

    Nanotechnology was used to create vantablack. Nanotechnology involves objects that are extremely small; that is, on the scale of billionths of a meter. Another key in the development of this material was use of low temperatures during the manufacturing process. The black substance of carbon nanotubes is grown on sheets of aluminum foil. The term vanta used in its name stands for vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays.

    The material also overcomes limitations encountered in the manufacture of super-black carbon nanotube-based materials, where high temperatures precluded direct application to sensitive electronics or materials with relatively low melting points. This, along with poor adhesion, prevented their application to space and airborne instrumentation.

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