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  • SPREE 2011, Sports Fest @ BITS Pilani, Goa Campus

    Sports Fest at BITS GoaThe BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus, located on the NH-17B highway, cutting through the green hills of Goa has established a coveted niche for itself in a state known largely for its beaches and fun quotient. Its inter campus sports festival SPREE, though unusual in it being hosted by an engineering college, draws widespread attention and participation. This year, the festival will be held from 27th February to 2nd March.

    The convener of the festival, Sai Raghavan says “when the campus first conceptualised the idea of SPREE way back in 2007, nobody had thought that it would grow so rapidly. The idea of a sports fest took hold in 2009. 2010 exceeded expectations and garnered 3000 registrations from 45 colleges from all over the country.”

    Our correspondent Ayush reports from Goa that this edition of the festival will host nine events, viz., cricket, badminton, volleyball, tennis, football, basketball, chess, carom and table tennis. Besides these, there will be an offbeat section to satiate the most die-hard and quirky sport fanatics, that will include mixed up versions of the original games like 3BA, foot volleyball, futsal, C pool etc. Also there are going to be special events featuring not only traditional games like kho-kho and kabaddi but also new and hip ones like pool, mini golf and ultimate frisbee.

    Besides the sporting events, SPREE will also have a slew of ringside attractions to keep everyone engrossed like the Karaoke night, Movie night etc., besides these shows will be put up by various performers and athletes.
    Ayush, who visited the campus was mesmerised by its grandiosity and imposing beauty. The natural beauty of Goa only helped. Not only beautiful but functional too, the campus boasts of a sprawling sports facility complex which includes facilities for all the sports including cricket, basketball, badminton, football, tennis etc. The centrepiece is the grand auditorium which can house a whopping 2200 people.

    “We welcome the participants to SPREE 2011. As always, I’m sure we will live up to their expectations, and deliver an experience they’ll want to repeat” Sai Raghavan added. With the festival almost upon them, the students of BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus are gearing up with the preparation and practices and are ready to put up a grand show.

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