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  • BoOM BoOM BANG BANG, The FaaDoOEngineers Gang! has launched to a mindblowing launched on 1st Jan, 2011 has breached the magic figure of 1 lakh as per Alexa’s(world's most reliable web-information company) latest rankings in just 21 days! With a 7 day trailing rank already under 20,000, one can expect to breach the top 10,000 mark very soon in the near future.

    This makes it the fastest growing website for ‘aspiring engineers’ and ‘engineers’ in this country. With a daily average traffic hovering around 10,000-13,000 visitors, the website has already become the “ADDA” for many engineers. And with “FaaDoO Engineers” being the largest group of engineers on Facebook in India, there is absolutely no room for doubt that the FaaDoO Engineers Gang has started with a BIG BANG.

    The first of its kind website in the country offers 24x7 support to aspiring engineers for IITJEE/AIEEE/others and also supports them once they reach colleges. realizes the importance of providing FREE resources to one and all and in doing so it aims at helping today’s generation access, share and discuss resources like never before. The state of art forum design with its very simple navigation has proved to be a boon for the website’s users.

    Apart from the discussion forums and the complete set of content, also has a large element of fun factor associated with it. The daily dose of humor in the form of cartoon strips, the free for all blogs, the media section with the best videos one can find on the internet, the forum points system and the rankings page are all contributing to the success of the website.

    With the website still in its early days and with many more features to be added to the website, is surely going to expand into a large universe.