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  • NASA authenticate Space Travel Engine

    NASA authenticate Space Travel Engine

    EmDrive (also knownas Relativity Drive) is a spacecraft propulsion system proposed by British aerospace engineer Roger J. Shawyer, who develops prototypes at Satellite Propulsion Research Ltd (SPR), the company he created for that purpose in 2000. The device uses a magnetron producing microwaves directed inside a specially shaped, fully enclosed tapering high Q resonant cavity whose area is greater at one end.

    The engine does not require any fuel or as-received basis (working mass): it will work until any part of the construction brakes. If proven to work as claimed, the EmDrive could allow the design of spacecraft engines that would be electrically powered and would require no reaction mass. Such an engine would be a breakthrough in airflight and spaceflight

    NASA, have swooped in and tested the viability of a microwave thruster built by US scientist Guido Fetta. The results are in, and it seems Shawyer may have been right after all.

    After eight days of work, which involved using a highly sensitive low-thrust torsion pendulum within a stainless steel vacuum chamber, the scientists were able to confirm that around 30-50 micro-Newtons of thrust were produced. Furthermore, they were able to verify that the force was not generated by something other than the test system. While the result may be significantly smaller than those obtained by Chinese scientists, itís still a positive result, which is impressive to say the least.

    Working microwave thrusters have the potential to revolutionize spaceflight and while this latest research makes no promises, itís certainly tantalizing.

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