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  • New Human Body Part Discovered: Anterolateral Ligament

    New Human Body Part Discovered: Anterolateral Ligament

    The field of science is never ending, and keeps on expanding with new discoveries and inventions.

    The latest finding in the field of the orthopedic world of medicine is Anterolateral Ligament. It is a ligament in the knee and it appears to play a role in patients suffering from a tear in their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a common sports injury.

    It was discovered using macroscopic dissection techniques after the doctors began investigating possible causes for complications after rehabilitation for ACL. They came across a paper written in 1879 that hypothesized the existence of a previously unknown ligament in the knee. The author of the paper turned out to be correct; Dr Claes and Dr Bellemans managed to locate the ligament and claim it can be found in 97% of all patients. Further research found that the pivot shift, a common complication after ACL rehabilitation, is caused by a tear in the ALL ligament.

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