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  • IRCTC.CO.IN: Chances of Cracking IIT-JEE is Greater than Being Able to Book a Ticket

    IRCTC.CO.IN: Chances of Cracking IIT-JEE is Greater than Being Able to Book a Ticket

    Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation “the next generation e ticketing system” is what they caption about the site as on 13th June 2014 IRCTC online booking has been migrated from the old version.Is the caption justified with the service they provide?

    India has the third largest railways network system in the world. Approximately 20 millions of people travelled by train in India daily. Also Indian railway sector have highest numbers of employees than any other sector in the entire world. With such huge figures and records e-ticketing system in India for railways should be the most advanced satisfying every needs of the customers. But looking to the service they provide it’s much ironical.

    Even humors spread around like " IRCTC website is beyond even Rajinikanth, Rajnikanth once tried logging into IRCTC at 10 AM and... failed," “the chances of you cracking IIT-JEE is greater than being able to book a ticket at at one go.”
    Of about 1.4 crore transactions made on the IRCTC website, a quarter of these is always unsuccessful. And if you have been the unfortunate victim of trying to book a rail ticket online, then chances are your journey date will have come and gone without you having been able to book a ticket online.

    According to a Senior Railway Ministry official, the ticketing site of the website is able to handle about 120,000 concurrent connections on web servers and can book about 2000 tickets per minute. Indian Railways plans to spend about INR1 billion to strengthen the website to enable it for booking 7200 tickets per minute.

    Questions arises, In what way are they upgrading the system? Will there be any improvement in the system? Or Should we always live with exasperations and annoyment for not able to book ticket on time and to postpone the date of journey no matter how much important it is?

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