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  • Asteroid 1950 DA To Collide Earth, Could Wipe Out Life on Earth

    Asteroid 1950 DA To Collide Earth, Could Wipe Out Life on Earth

    Asteroid 1959 DA was discovered on 23rd 1950, and perished after few days of its discovery for almost half a century. Until it was rediscovered again on 31st December 2000 when it paved its path to collide earth on March 16 2880.

    Asteroid 1959 DA has a diameter of about 1 km and is currently travelling with a speed of 14.5 km/s relative to earth and could slam into the Atlantic Ocean at speed of 61,155 km/ hr.

    The impact of the collision is estimated to about 44,800 mega-tonnes of TNT and can cause devastating huge explosion , tsunamis and can even change the climate of the entire globe, and the possibility of wiping out the entire life on the planet.

    Scientist at NASA says the chances of hitting the earth is 0.3 percent and which is 50 percent greater than of all impact of other asteroids.

    Scientists are now currently tracking all the possibilities and have moved closer to being able to stop a huge asteroid colliding with the Earth. Researchers at the University of Tennessee have discovered that blowing the space rock up could make the collision worse by causing several devastating impacts.

    Instead, small changes could be made to its surface to disrupt the forces keeping it together and cause it to break up in outer space.

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