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  • Best Method to Convert Waste CO2 to Useful Energy Rich Fuels

    Best Method to Convert Waste CO2 to Useful Energy Rich Fuels

    A team of scientist from the University of Illinois at Chicago led by Amin Salehi-Khojin, UIC professor of mechanical claimed synthesized a catalyst that improves their system for converting waste carbon dioxide into syngas, a precursor of petrol and other energy-rich products.

    The study was published in the journal Nature Communications on July 30.
    Professor Amin Salehi-Khojin and his coworkers developed a unique two-step catalytic process that uses molybdenum disulfide and an ionic liquid to "reduce," or transfer electrons, to carbon dioxide in a chemical reaction. The new catalyst improves efficiency and lowers cost by replacing expensive metals like gold or silver in the reduction reaction.

    The discovery is a big step toward industrialization, said Mohammad Asadi, UIC graduate student and co-first author on the paper.

    This method can directly reduce carbon dioxide to syngas without the need for a secondary, expensive gasification process.

    ‘Our whole purpose is to move from laboratory experiments to real-world applications. This is a real breakthrough that can take a waste gas – carbon dioxide – and use inexpensive catalysts to produce another source of energy at large-scale, while making a healthier environment.’ said Salehi-Khojin.

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