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  • Homemade KillaJoule: World's Fastest Electric Motorbike

    Homemade KillaJoule: World's Fastest Electric Motorbike


    700 kg including the driver Eva Hakansson

    1. Length: 5.6 m (19 ft)
    2. Width: 0.53 m (21 inches)
    3. Height: 0.96 m (38 inches)
    4. Wheelbase: 3.8 m (150 inches)
    5. Track width with sidecar: 1.14 m (45 inches)


    A123 Systems Lithium Nano-Phosphate recharged using wind power


    EVO Electric AFM-240 motor giving 500 HP.

    Wheels and Tires:

    Hard rubber compound land speed tires on custom rims made by Larson Engineering in Boulder.


    Disc brakes front and back. Two Kevlar ribbon brake parachutes, actuated by Bimba air cylinders.


    Fiberglass composite nosecone, canopy, and sidecar wheel cover

    A 33 year old PhD student, Eva Hakansson, in mechanical engineering at the National Science Foundation (NSF) Center for High Voltage/Temperature Materials and Structures at University of Denver, United States and her home-built electric motorcycle 'KillaJoule' beat the previous electric motorcycle speed record by 40.234 km/h (25 mph) at Bonneville

    Eva succeed in achieving top speed of 389.219 km/h (241.901 mph) and a two-way average of 387.328 km/h (240.726 mph) which is a new world record.

    Titles earned by Eva and KillaJoule at Bonneville.
    1. Fastest electric motorcycle in the world
    2. Fastest sidecar motorcycle in the world (including internal combustion)
    3. Fastest speed of the event
    4. Fastest woman on a motorcycle in the world

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