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  • How to Increase Computer Speed Without using Additional RAM

    How to Increase Computer Speed Without using Additional RAM

    The first thing that a person check while buying a personal computer is the speed of the computer, how fast is the system. There is no other irritating thing than using a slow computer. How to increase the of the system has been a major issue for all the user. Well here is a very simple steps to increase the speed of your system without using any additional ram.

    Follow the following steps.

    Step 1

    Right click on “my computer” or “computer”. Select “properties”.

    Step 2

    Click on “Advanced system settings”. “System Properties” windows will be opened.

    Step 3

    Select “Advanced” tab in the top. and go to“Settings” tab under “performance”. “Performance options” windows will be opened.

    Step 4

    Click on “Advanced” tab in the top and select “change” under “virtual memory” then Select “C” drive.(uncheck automatically manage file size for each drive)

    Step 5

    Click on Custom size. Write the amount equal to your system’s RAM size in the rectangular box near to “initial size”. Or you can write the recommended size which is given in the last row in the same window. Write the double size of you RAM at “maximum size”. My RAM Is 2GB so I have written “4000” in the maximum size.
    Click on “Set”,Ok

    Enjoy a much faster version of your personal computer.

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