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  • Engineering Students Must Know This: Tips for Engineering Students

    Engineering Students Must Know This: Tips for Engineering Students

    It is truly said that "There is no shortcut to success". The statement suits best for the engineering students, you need to work extremely hard if you are to be a leader in future. We live in a world of competition, its survival of the fittest, no place for bottommost students. Just four years of hard work can ensure you a bright future.

    Here are some tips, most of which would work for any career-aspiring student

    Know Your Icon and Know What you want to be.

    It is very important to have a dream and to fulfill it. Whatever may be the hindrance in your path to your dream manage to handle and overrule it. If you love Microsoft's products, Bill Gates Jobs may be your idol or Steve Jobs if you love Apple products . Find out a lot of information about them like what's helped these people and their companies become so successful. And try to reproduce their good traits in your personal, scholastic, and professional life.

    Participate in Any programme Where you can Gain Knowledge.

    Does matter whether it is a seminar or symposium or conference or discussion take an active role on every experiential learning opportunity where you can gain knowledge because you'll be applying it someday or other.

    Socialize and Learn the value of networking.

    Attend lectures on your campus and introduce yourself to the speakers. Check with your school's alumni association to get a list of alumni from your program who want to connect with undergraduates. It will be a hard task to meet the officers or the high profile people in face-to-face so take the advantage of e-mails and other social networking site such as Linkedin or facebook or any other.

    Always Work in teams.

    Working is team always give positive result, this can also give you confidence and perform better. Doesn't matter if it's a small task or a big one always work in team.

    Identify your flaws and fix them.

    Of all other thing this is the most important, find you flaw or the area you are weak at, and try to fixed it as soon as possible. Try to create a way to get feedback from team members, group leaders, and professors. When you have concrete feedback on how people view you, you can work to improve your skills, including communication and leadership.

    Make use of your vacations and holidays.

    Engineering is such a profession that practical skill talks, the more practical skill you have, the more experience you have the more advantages for you. so try to engage internship programme from early stage of your academic career. You can do this during your vacations and during holidays.

    Take a business class.

    Engineers need business skill. you need to learn to read organization charts, know how to negotiate contracts, and be familiar with the myriad other functions that every top engineer needs to know. Otherwise, you won't understand what to do when an accountant, lawyer, or middle manager gets in the way. A business course or two can take you a long way.

    Take design and other humanities classes.

    There's a wide world out there beyond problem sets, laboratories, and theory. Take a visual design course so you'll learn to represent ideas graphically. Take a cognitive science course to learn how people interpret the world and understand it. Take a literature course to develop your knowledge and appreciation of the classic books, which will help you write and communicate more effectively.

    Attitude and Leadership

    Your attitude is everything. An attitude can be as a positive or negative evaluation of people, objects, events, activities, ideas, or just about anything in your environment. Don't be an introvert, be an extrovert, interact with many people as you can share your ideas and listen to them, there many things in this world that you do not know and others may know. This may also give you the leadership. After all " Leadership" is what you need.

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