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  • 11 Simple but Useful Keyboard shortcut for Windows

    11 Simple but Useful Keyboard shortcut for Windows

    Using keyboard shortcut can really help to save your time and also help to complete your work more efficiently but most of the people are not used to it and goes with the long way. There are hundreds of shortcuts for windows which are specially designed to help to ease your work.

    Here is a list of 11 simple shortcuts which can not only help you to save time but also can help you to performe your work more efficiently.

    1. Lock your computer:
    Shortcut: Win + L

    2. Rename files:
    Shortcut: F2

    3. Toggle between programs:
    Shortcut: Alt + Tab

    4. Show the desktop:
    Shortcut: Win + D

    5. Reopen closed tabs:
    Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + T

    6. Select the address bar:
    Shortcut: Ctrl + L

    7. Find a keyword:
    Shortcut: Ctrl + F

    8. Permanently delete a file:
    Shortcut: Shift + Delete

    9. Select a row in a spreadsheet:
    Shortcut: Shift + Space

    10. Send an email:
    Shortcut: Ctrl + Enter

    11. Paste as plain text:
    Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + V

    Most of these shortcut may be familiar to you but may also help in some way or other. If you think these are helpful to you do not forget to like the article and leave a comment.

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