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  • SBI fined Rs 20,000: Consumer Court

    SBI fined Rs 20,000: Consumer Court

    The state Bank of India was asked to pay a compensation of Rs 20,000 by consumer Court to a credit card holder of the bank for deficiency in service and also issue him a nil balance certificate.

    The card holder submitted that he got the credit card from the SBI's Vakil Pudu Street Branch, when he was told that he should pay a service charge of Rs 750 per year.
    However the bank had debited Rs 641 every quarter besides they Rs 177.77 as service tax for giving interest free loan.

    As the operation credit system was confusing and not in disorder, he paid Rs 33,130 and asked the bank to cancel the credit card facility. He also surrendered the card. However, the bank said that he should pay Rs 6,695 more. They also refused to give him nil balance certificate. The Consumer forum president Ayappan and members Selvaraj and Bhaghyalakshmi said the deficiency of service on the part of the SBI credit card had been proved beyond doubt and directed the bank to pay a compensation of Rs 20000 and also the cost of the case to the tune of Rs 2,000.

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