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  • Sachin Tendulkar officially launches ‘Playing it My Way’ at an emotional ceremony in Mumbai

    Long-awaited autobiography Sachin Tendulkar was launched Wednesday "Do not take My Way" in the presence of some of his former teammates, celebrities and family members during a ceremony in Mumbai fascinating. The book, copy or a gift to his mother Rajni in the day, was unveiled by Tendulkar himself earlier amid a thunderous applause from the first meeting.

    At the launch Tendulkar gave a copy of his mentor coach Ramakant Achrekar in the presence of his daughter Sara and young people. "I'd like to present the first copy after the launch of a very special person in my life, Tendulkar said for a copy of the book to a wheelchair Achrekar. Before the launch of the book, cricket analyst and host of the evening Harsha Bhogle had three sessions of group discussion with former teammates and family Tendulkar, representing an important role in the book. The first roundtable was attended by former captains Sunil Gavaskar India, Dilip Vengsarkar, Ravi Shastri and former cricketer Mumbai Vasu Paranjape, who played a crucial role in developing the careers of Tendulkar. Gavaskar remembered how with Tendulkar for the first time and was impressed by his talent at first sight.

    "Hemant Waingankar Anil Joshi and Sachin imagine me and asked me to see him bat. Probably, I finished my internship at the cricket. He was batting in the nets against Wankhede Raju Kulkarni, who was a very slippery customer. In networks that you do not really think about balls and Raju But to do the same. the way Sachin was punching the ball of the back foot to mid-off and mid-on that impressed me, "Gavaskar recalled. When asked what he would do if lucky bat along side Tendulkar, Gavaskar said: "I think to the extent that the performance gap between the window we would have been very good."

    Mumbai Indian skipper and former Vengsarkar He said he ordered the Tendulkar component to play for the team after watching easily negotiate the best fast bowler in India at the time, Kapil Dev, nets had Wankhede Stadium wherewolf the Indian team learned to play against the touring New Zealand team. "I'm the captain (or Mumbai) This time I heard a lot about him. Vasu (Paranjape) brought` him and introduced him to me. Vasu says you have to go see Sachin play. I'm not saying now, but Vasu said no you should not go, "said Vengsarkar. "I played my 100 test and we practiced in the CCI. I asked Kapil, Maninder come to him and at a young age, he plays with ease. So I say (Mumbai) selectors assume we're looking at least 15, but in the next three days he did not come to practice. I'm a bit furious with him. I tell Vasu ask him why and he said I had an exam.

    " Shastri, who looked closely Tendulkar fall into the classic master drummer not 148 in Sydney in 1992, Accor Ding told him that was the best innings of his career. "In the tour of Pakistan in 1989, Sachin made his debut, but was released early. I slept in the dressing room and was furious with my resignation. He took his time and walked up to me after an hour. At the time I calmed myself down, and he said:

    ". I'm in a hurry " "(During this innings) when he was at the crease, he looked like a fish out of water, but a month later, he saw a large shark in the water and remained for the next 25 years," he said . Not talk epic 148 Sydney Cricket groud Tendulkar's, his first and one of the best on Australian soil, Shastri, the long pole on the side of the master blaster was said: "I am only 22 meters and it was the best place to watching such a wonderful innings. I witnessed someone just 18 was about to score the first foreign player 100 in Australia. Tendulkar was the sleeves of Sydney by defeating the first order.

    "Ganguly: "I was out of form once. There was this occasion when I asked him to take strike but he says no, no, I never do that. I was the captain and I was asking him. So I just went out and walked quickly and stood at the non-striker's end. I left him with no choice." Sachin says: "I was once hit by a Shoaib Akhtar bouncer. It hit my ribs and I came to know much later that it was broken. There was Dada out there who just came and said 'tu champion hai re.. tu champion hai', I had to tell 'Shhh.. Just let me recover.'