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  • Kiss of Love' campaign in JNU

    "Kiss of Love" campaign reached Jawaharlal Nehru University, on Sunday more than 200 students and many foreigners gathered at Ganga Dhaba a statement against the moral police. However, there were fewer locking lips and more enthusiastic audience participants. Unlike Saturday, there was no disruption by far-right groups, and no police in sight.

    While most of the protesters were JNU itself, students of Jamia Millia Islamia University Ambedkar National University of Law, University of Delhi and also shot. They chanted slogans against the right-wing organizations and also directed their anger at PM Narendra Modi.

    The protesters marched to the Sabarmati and Tapti hostels section which, in the middle of the road. Students left groups like AISA and SFI have thrown their weight behind the movement; President JNUSU Ashutosh was also present.

    "This is the attack on the Sangh brigade condemn the court outside the headquarters in Jhandewalan RSS Saturday to protest, and advance to assert love the right resistance of structures and forces of patriarchal control and in all its forms, "said Gourab Ghosh, one of the organizers of the Delhi edition of the campaign and a Lip-locks followed JNU student., having embraced by both gay and straight couples for good measure. Hugs grabbed the issue.

    Was "Kiss of Love" to uninhibited Sunday there was no one present to intimidate. Demonstrators There were about eight kisses to all the protesters dispersed. "The point is not the number pad, but the message we want to convey. Protesting against the regressive groups is vital, "said the prince, a protester from Kerala in JNU.

    Although a small group of ABVP activists came Ganga Dhaba at the beginning of the event, she left the scene after the slogans and speeches. According to Delhi Saket Bahuguna need, secretary ABVP such campaigns do not deserve any attention. "I agree that all the world's problems can not be solved with love. But what kind of love and true? Maybe you have ideas for solving the burning problems of poverty, malnutrition, female feticide, dowry and honor killings," said Bahuguna.