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  • 4 IIT Kanpur Students decline Rs 1 crore package placement offer

    4 IIT Kanpur Students decline Rs 1 crore package placement offer

    It is the season of placement and in this year placement we see numbers of surprising events. The most recent being the rejection of the offer which gave Rs 1 crore annual package by 4 students of IIT Kanpur. Out of the four students one is a girl.

    Two of them are said to have settled for lower salaries in order to work in profiles which they found to be more suitable for them while other opted for higher studies.

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    According to the chairman of the IIT-Kanpur placement cell, Prof Deepu Philip, the remaining two male students have opted for higher studies over signing up to join any company.

    The details about the students and the recruiting company were kept confidential by the chairperson and said that the offers were made on Wednesday by a multinational company during placement interviews on their campus.

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