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  • IntelliPaper Transform tiny scraps of paper into fully functional USB Drives

    IntelliPaper Transform tiny scraps of paper into fully functional USB Drives

    The present technology has reach to such a point that the now-a-days people are interested in design pisposable USB drives. one company has created a different type of flash drive that can literally be crumpled up and thrown in the garbage. With an embedded silicon chip, intelliPaper seamlessly turns an ordinary strip of paper into a fully functioning USB drive.

    This also programmable documents that could revolutionize the printed materials industry and cut down on the ocean of e-waste currently headed for the landfill.
    The paper used is about as thick as card stock, and the embedded chip can hold 8-32 MB of data – the team has not decided on a fixed capacity yet, but it will be within this range. So far, the developers have implemented their technology in mail-out flyers, promotional brochures, and business cards, among other items. Uploading data to a fresh card does require a special reader and some software to avoid damaging it, which intelliPaper offers to customers. If someone doesn't want to risk damaging the paper drive itself, intelliPaper also communicates wirelessly with any near field-enabled smartphone or tablet.

    IntelliPaper recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, but they’re still a long way from the goal. If you’re interested in scoring one of the very first paper USB devices to ever be printed, check out their page.

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