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  • NIT Trichy is inviting Talented students for the ongoing National Level Circuit Designing Contest EMBEDTRONIX

    Event Description

    “EMBEDTRONIX” is a National Level Circuit Designing Contest conducted as a run up to “PROBE 2015”,The National Level Technical Symposium of the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering of NIT Trichy.
    Event Details/Highlights
    Event Format
    Prelims: You are required to make a one minute video of the solution to the given task present at the website upload the same on the site on or before 25th January, 2015.
    Finals: Shortlisted teams will compete in the finale at our campus on 7thFebruary, 2015
    Problem Statement

    • Gringotts bank has just set up a branch in Hogsmeade Village. The bank manager requires installation of a system to manage the raucous crowds. Help him build it by designing an electronic token number system that caters to operations in three counters. As per the operator's availability, the current token number will be called to that particular counter.
    • Build a 3-bit counter circuit, to keep track of the current token number and 7-segment displays for every operator. You may use push buttons to deploy operator's call. Going with the assumption that only one operator is free at a time, when that particular button is pressed; the current token number should be updated in the corresponding seven-segment display while the rest remain blank.


    • To earn extra credits:

    1. Build the display system in a separate board. The token number has to be transmitted wirelessly (eg. Light-detectors) to the display board and the number must be displayed.
    2. Use LED indicators to display the current token number.
    Rules :
    1. Team should consist a maximum of 3 members.
    2. Use of programmable ICs is strictly prohibited.
    2. In case counters are used, they will have to be built using flops and use of readymade counter ICs will not be encouraged.
    For the bonus statement, detector circuit will have to be built on a separate board
    For more Details,Please log on to

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