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  • Alien Coffin Spotted on Mars

    Alien Coffin Spotted on Mars

    Will Farrar discovered an alien coffin on Mars from WhatsUpintheSky37 as he trawled through a library of pictures sent back by the Mars rover Curiosity.

    As published in India today, the hunters of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have spotted an object that looks strangely like a coffin on the Martian surface.

    The unidentified object has the dimension of about 3.2 ft (one meter) across and 1.5ft (0.4 meters) wide and high, reported Daily Mail.

    "This stone object looks like a coffin," researcher Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily was quoted as saying.

    According to Waring, the object may simply be a stone formation but wonders if NASA could turn the Curiosity rover around and take a closer look at the "coffin".

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