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  • RAGGING � The Most Unwelcome-Welcome!

    Ragging - Pain for many pleasure for some...A bright, sunny morning... Wearing the trendiest clothes available in the stores...crisp new books in a new, hip bag...A new a new life...
    But, what happened next is not what this New - Bee had ever anticipated..I�m sure he would have never expected such a �WELCOME�!!

    Ragging, today, has become the most happening forms of welcoming freshers to a college by their very own senior counterparts. It is so notorious that it is almost a violation of human rights. Strangely, even the most prestigious of institutions have fallen prey to this practice. Topping the list of colleges, �known� for their �welcoming ceremony� are the engineering and medical colleges. To be more precise, ragging is prevalent more so in residential colleges.

    Surprisingly, ragging, too, has a history. Just like many other practices borrowed by us, Indians, from the western world, ragging also was originally a western concept. It was in the British University that senior s used to play practical jokes at the time of welcoming freshers to the University. However, the intention was not to hurt, but to develop friendship. However, this has been adopted in more grave and harmful ways over time. Infact, according to a research conducted by C.U.R.E., India and Sri Lanka are the only two countries in the world where ragging still exists.

    What we need to understand is why does this happen anyway? Can�t people meet harmoniously? I did a small survey and came up with some interesting reasons. Some were of the opinion that ragging gives them a sense of satisfaction as they themselves were victims of this process at some point of time; i.e. out of vengeance or for sadistic pleasure. Some felt they do it just for fun or because their friends are a part of it. Some said they do it because it gives them a sense of authority!

    Strange that seniors behave so childishly..What these mischief mongers do not understand is that what is fun for them may become fear for someone else. This may not only scar the victim physically but also mentally and emotionally. We have many cases to second my statement including the recent blockbuster � �Three Idiots�. This heinous act done for the sake of merriment can cost a person his life. Cases of suicides and culpable homicides are innumerable.

    So the million dollar question is � What should I do if I�m being subjected to ragging?
    1. Keep your cool.
    2. Do not try to outsmart the perpetrator.
    3. Check for any weapons, sticks, etc. that the perpetrator may be carrying.
    4. Think of the best way to handle the situation considering all possible circumstances.
    5. Be firm on the fact that you wouldn�t do some act which you think is not right.
    6. Try to be with a friend during the first few days of college. Try to avoid lonely areas. Stay within classrooms / libraries as much as possible.
    7. Always remember there is a reporting mechanism in the college. If not in college, then you can report to the police.
    8. If nothing works, you know Ranchoddas Chanchhad�s formula, right???!!