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  • Secret UFO Files Reveal How "Engineering Students" Fooled British Govt About a Fake Alien Invasion Threat!

    Engineering students fool govt authorities about UFO threat

    It all happened in 1967. Recently releases secret UFO files have revealed how the British authorities were fooled by a group of engineering students who managed to spark fears of a real alien invasion against the country in that year.

    The files released by The National Archives said, “The police, armed forces and intelligence services were all mobilised following the ‘very successful’ practical joke made during a student rag week.”

    The Telegraph reported how the authorities, including four local forces and a bomb disposal unit, swung into action after repeated calls from the public that six "flying saucers" were found in a perfect line across southern England. The newspaper further added, “Fears of a real 'war of the worlds' incident petered out after examination of the 'spacecraft' showed that it was an elaborate rag week hoax by engineering students.”

    According to the released files, early in the morning of September 4, 1967, the police and RAF were flooded with calls from the public reporting six small "flying saucers" that had been discovered in locations in a perfect line across southern England from the Isle of Sheppey to the Bristol Channel. This set an alarm among the forces, as a result four police forces, bomb disposal units, the army and the intelligence branch were all mobilised, before it emerged the saucers were a hoax by engineering students from Farnborough Technical College. The joke was only discovered after bomb disposal experts opened up one of the objects and found it was a fake.

    This story emerged as part of the largest ever release of UFO files, which also revealed a number of military sightings of UFOs, a claimed "alien abduction" in London and an unidentified aircraft shadowing a Lancaster bomber. They also disclosed how the phenomenon was discussed at the highest level of government and security services worldwide, including at the UN, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and was even the subject of a debate in the House of Lords.