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  • 30th June 2015 will have an extra Second: Leap Second

    According to the International earth Rotation Service (IERS), Paris the year 2015 will be leap second that means that a single will be added to the world's atomic clocks.

    This extra second will be added on the 30th June 2015, on this day the world's atomic clock will tick 23:59:59 to 23:59:60 then go to the standard 00:00:00 n then it will resume the normal way.

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    This extra second need to be added because as the earth spins on its axis there is a slowing down by about two thousandth of a second every day. This compensation made will be the 26th compensation made and last time this was done on 1972.

    Leap seconds are like the Y2K bug in that they threaten to throw out of sync time as measured by computers and time as measured by atomic clock.

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