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  • 8 Things You should know Before Visiting China

    If you have a plan to visit China there are certain thing you should know before the visit. This may also be considered as what we called weird facts about China.

    Well here are the thing you should know

    1. Do not forget to carry air mask if you are to travel in China because the pollution in China has reached to such an extreme level that Daily breathing in Beijing is like smoking 21 cigarettes a day.

    2. You will also be surprise to know that pollution of Chine even crosses the Pacific Ocean and spread to San Francisco, in fact about 30% of pollution in San Francisco is from China.

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    3. If you are travel in China you should take all basic necessity along with you, because China holds the record for the longest traffic jam which at some case stretched over 110 Kms, and few drivers even struck for 5 days.

    4. Most of the people in China are so addicted to their mobiles that in Chongqing there is a special lane for those mobile addicted people so that they can walk safely while walking using their mobile

    5. In Dongyang, China people consider boiled eggs in the urine of young virgin boys to be more delicious.

    6. China also has the high rate of execution of prisoners at 4 times as all the other countries in the world combined.

    7. Don't be surprise when you see the statue like gesture of soldiers in China because to train soldiers to keep their chins up, a pin is kept in their collar.

    8. And lastly but not the least about 40 lakh Cats were eaten in China every year.

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