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  • 7 Tips for Cracking IIT- JEE Mains

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    There is no doubt about the fact that Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) is among the toughest engineering exams in India, which paves the way to join the prestigious institute for engineering studies. There has been a misconception among the students, and also the parents that without joining any coaching institute, the applicants won�t be able to taste success in the exam.

    However, keep this in mind that as a student, you will have to devote months of rigorous preparations to be able to pass this gateway. Definitely, good guidance is the key to success and also is the hard work. There is no shortcut to secure a decent score in JEE. Those who do not wish to take up coaching classes need to believe in their own abilities and aptitude, and give their best to qualify!


    Cracking this prestigious exam and seeking admissions in any of the IITs is quite tough and requires a sharp and smart study planning. If you are the one who aims high at achieving success at this exam and want to pursue your preferred discipline of engineering in one of these best engineering institutes of India, you should start planning today and the following tips can be helpful for you!

    Some tips

    1. Focusing on theory

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    The students make a big mistake by directly moving to solve the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) than learning the theoretical and practical details. Without knowing the basic engineering principles, you can never succeed in solving MCQs.

    2. Revision is the key to success

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    You have been through your entire syllabus, great! Now it�s time to revise and revise� Without revision, you may skip some of the important pointers which you will realize later, in the examination hall of course!

    3. Do not ignore topics which sound easy to you!

    Other mistake students usually make! Never take any lesson for granted and try to cover most of the given syllabus. You never know if these easy questions can help you in adding to your scores.

    4. Be disciplined and loyal

    When you start preparing for JEE, you may find it boring, but bear this in mind, no pain no gain! If you are disciplined and are loyal to your studies, half of the battle is won! Follow the time table which you have prepared for yourself and be devoted.

    5. Cover the entire syllabus

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    The theories which you learnt while you were in classes will surely help! Go through the theories and problems which you have studied earlier and try to cover the entire 10+2 and JEE syllabus for a sure shot success.

    6. Review before the exam

    It is a great idea to take up a full-fledged mock exam. Such exams are widely available online and they actually mimic the actual exams and will help you to determine your stand for the upcoming competitive exams. This also helps the students to better their scores by identifying areas of weakness.

    7. Don�t compromise with your heath

    You must have heard this since your childhood that heath is wealth. Do not be stressed out and start studying as if there will not be any tomorrow to get the results! Do not be so desperate, eat well, sleep well, listen to music, meet your friends, eat out, and manage your time efficiently so that you can get good results and also make your parents happy.
    Studying is really a boring task isn�t it. If not for all, at least for half of the student�s population. But this can be made interesting by making study a perfect mix of studying and other activities. However, it is always in best of your interests to devote maximum time for studies to gain the best returns. After all, you are not going to touch the books for long after your competitive exams finish off!

    All the best!

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    Author Bio: Rashmi Karan has been writing professionally since 2010, most recently publishing for various websites on topics like employment and education.