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  • Team Building: Advantages & Disadvantages

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    If you have just been assigned to a team, take the time to listen to others in the group. Be involved in the process, as there will be a process that sorts out responsibilities and leadership roles (whether official or not), but open your mind and realise teamwork takes patience, understanding, and mutual respect and support.It is often a team victory we rejoice in and remember above all others. The team environment can be very rewarding and a team�s success does depend on you, the individual. Your commitment to your team, despite obstacles, is vital to its success

    �Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championships�
    -Michael Jordan

    A team can be defined as a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. So when a set of people are collaborate to achieve a certain results, such collaboration will come with it�s own advantages and disadvantages.

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    What is Teamwork and advantages:

    Teamwork has evolved immensely in the past decade and has become an essential part in the working of business organisation these days. But like everything teamwork has its own merits and demerits.We all have heard the phrase �two heads are better than one�. This means that with more people you have more minds set on a specific job. The advantages of teamwork are:

    Teamwork gives the ability to share ideas among the group. In a team, members contribute both pros and cons of different approaches to tasks to accomplish key goals. This kind of collaboration benefits both the project and increases the confidence of members.

    Another advantage of teamwork is that things get done faster in the office. If a group takes up a task it can be done more quickly and with greater efficiency compared to if a single person would have attempted it. Mutual liking for each other in the organisation is important for the firm to prosper, teamwork helps in this as when people take up a project, they not only become invested in the project but also in one another. As a result team members support one another even outside the team structure and adapt to each others working styles.

    Good teams make use of individual talents. If one member may be weak, other might be strong and working together may provide the perfect resource for the organizational goal. The more the people the more they learn and become better workers in their respective jobs.

    Ever heard disadvantages of the team work, well here are some, they are low in magnitude but in any of the case one cannot ignore them.

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    One disadvantage of teamwork is that in some teams people rely on certain individuals to do most of the work. This may lead to resentment in the work place and can lead to negative morale of the hard-working people.

    Teamwork may lead to negative result as well because some people don�t function well when working in teams even thought they might be excellent individuals when working on their own. This may create a bit of dissatisfaction in them, which will affect their performance.

    Teamwork can even lead to limiting the creativities of individuals as when working in a team they might be so focused on the overall achievement of the goal and team concept that they might not take into account their own creative ideas.

    A team can sometimes take longer to give a more desired result. This is because teams have to go through various processes like member selection, method to accomplish the task etc. They can even result in an additional expense for the firm.

    So when next you are building a team, keep in mind that you are have well in mind these advantages and disadvantages. It may help you to plan accordingly in the tough waters when you are thinking to swim in opposite direction along with your team.

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