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  • Happy HOLI: “Colour Your Souls” But Take EXTRA CARE This Year!

    Happy HOLI: “Colour Your Souls” But Take EXTRA CARE This Year!The festival of colours brings with itself joy and prosperity; but adulteration ruins the fun!!!

    Bringing great joy and enthusiasm, the spring season also brings with itself the most anticipated festival, the festival of colours, Holi. Holi, glorifies the vibrant Spring in the form of good fertility of the land and its harvest. This festival becomes even more important in a country like India, where people from different religion, faith and caste live together peacefully.

    People on this day, meet and embrace each other, apply Abir and Gulal on each others face. They meet and greet everyone to seek their blessings. The kids have a gala time on this day. The boisterous aura, with kids running around to colour each other, surely makes the day glorious.

    Why Extra Care is necessary this year?

    1. Adulteration in Colours.This year, the market is flooded with different harmful chemical colours which are made up of textile dyes which can be harmful for the skin. Gulal are the most harmful form of colours made using heavy metals, that can cause severe damage, by depositing in kidneys, liver, and bones, thus disrupting metabolic functioning. It also contains Asbestos, a carcinogen, that can cause cancer. While silica causes drying and chapping of the skin.

    The Food and Civil supplies department in Jaipur is all set to launch a campaign against the adulteration of colours and the use of harmful colours under the ongoing Sudh Ke Liye Yudh Abhiyan. While a campaign does its part, the inmates of Tihar jail are making colours using herbal raw material like flowers which are not harmful for the environment.

    2. Adulteration in Food Items. As the preparation for the Holi festival is in a full swing, the sweets shops are getting thronged with people keen to purchase sweet food items. Taking inhumane advantage, adulterated foods items are being sold blatantly.

    Milk products such as sweets and khoya are being sold containing artificial ingredients, thus posing a serious threat to health. These food items contain ingredients that are not supposed to be a part of their package. The aim behind doing so is to earn high profit at a low investment cost. The district administration in Kanpur after undertaking a drive against adulteration of food items, has raided many sweet shops and seized a whooping 1000 kilograms of adulterated khoya in last one week.

    Popular drinks of Holi such as Thandai can also pose harm to the health. Various cheap liquor shops serving cheap alcohol drinks have cost people for their lives.

    holi cartoon blunder

    Do's & Dont's


    • Playing with natural and homemade colours is recommended. The skin and hair won’t feel tampered with the use of skin friendly products.
    • Make your face well creamed before going out for the play. Oil your hair well so that colours won’t stick to it and can be easily removed.
    • Cover your hair if possible.
    • Put on ragged clothes so that you won’t regret getting those coloured.
    • If possible, avoid going outside your home at peak hours of celebrations.
    • Avoid being prey to hooligans.
    • Take bath much later after the festive celebration is over at the day’s end.
    • Avoid sitting in gatherings with liquors and alcohol flowing around so that you don’t repent later.


    • Don’t get rude or let others be rude on you.
    • Don’t let the colours attack your face or eyes. In case, it happens, close your eyes and lips tightly while being coloured.
    • Do not use permanent dyes. If it has been applied on you, do not rub the face with soap immediately to get rid of it.
    • If you are prone to skin allergies, do not play with gulal at all.


    The fairer sex, besides enjoying Holi, also have to take an extra care of their skin. The chemical colours that are being used can harm their sensitive skin to a greater extent. It is better to-

    • Oil your hair and the whole body with warm coconut oil which acts as a barrier between the skin and the colour.
    • Wear dark coloured full sleeved cotton clothing.
    • Paint your nails with a dark coloured nail-polish if possible.
    • Don’t get waxing or other skin treatments 3 to 4 days before holi.

    So play this Holi with joy, peace and harmony and enjoy the fascinating experience of rich Indian Culture.

    “HAPPY HOLI from the FaaDoOEngineers Team”