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  • The Grid: Artificial Intelligence Website That Design Themselves

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    As the company says �This is not another do-it-yourself website builder" but automatically create new sites based on the content you provide. Question raises will there be no scope for the web designers or web developers in the near future. Well, this should not be the question you should be asking but what new things should the developers do or designers do to suit and challenge the changing technology?

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    The Grid is a San Francisco based startup and basically a platform of web designing. The company aims to revolutionize the technology of web building by bringing artificial intelligence and radically changing the role of the designers. The company will be the first cloud-hosted platform to bring artificial intelligence in the field.

    This platform will allow the users to create or built the website of their own at an instant without the need of any web designers but throwing the contents or text or image of their choice. This will help to save the expenses to hire designers.

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    Unlike the wordpress or other similar tools which requires a basic technical knowledge to adjust and manage the contents and other parameters to attracts the audience the Grid uses artificial intelligence combined with constraint-based design and flow-based programming to make form dynamically adapt to content.

    Started by Dan Tocchini (founder and CEO), Henri Bergius (VP engineers), Leigh Taylor (Creative Director) is set for release in Spring this year. It has been reported that the company has risen $4.6M for its intelligent website builder.

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