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  • Top 5 Internet Browsers which is Must For your PC or Lappy

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    Lets be honest, internet today has become our life line, we are very much dependent upon it for our work, recreational activities, and networking etc. for everything we require Internet. And to run internet we need internet browsers.

    Following are top 5 internet browsers of the world, which ideally should be available at your lappy or PC. Let�s face it, some or other time we are actually frustrated with internet browsers hanging problem, or we get frustrated with plugins. But these available top 5 internet browsers would be very competent and are useful.

    1. Firefox

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    Firefox browser has been developed by Mozilla Corporation. Tablet browsing, spell checking, bookmarking, location browsing, incremental field etc. are some of its core competency which currently makes it ahead from its competitors. This browser is also very easy to install any plug in tools like SEO, Bug tracking etc. And the hard core fact is that web developers are actually very much dependent upon this browser.

    Latest version of Firefox could be downloaded from here. CLICK ME

    2. Google Chrome

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    Google Chrome has been designed and developed by Google to provide best possible surfing and faster browsing experience to its viewers. It is the only browsers with enhanced security features that make users feel safe while browsing. Google Chrome become world favorite just because of its plug ins and features.

    Latest version of Google Chrome could be downloaded from here. CLICK ME

    3. Safari

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    Perhaps few of us doesn't know that Safari is a product of Apple. It was developed to improvise the working pattern on internet. Those users, who have apple products with them, get more efficient output of their internet experience in their Mac systems. Safari is by default installed in any MAC system or product you purchase which has internet usage. Well that doesnt mean that other platform users like windows etc. cannot use this browser. This browser is available accross all the platforms for user to use it�s enrich usage.

    Latest version of Safari could be downloaded from here. CLICK ME

    4. Opera

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    Opera is a production of a popular company named Opera software. The unique thing about this browser is its security, internet suite, malware protection and strong encryption. The best part of this browser is that it supports HTTP cookies. If we talk about stats approx 190 million users worldwide are using it in their systems and mobile phones. It also provides result-orientated things to common or technical users, this is the reason it is considered as very efficient.

    Latest version of Opera could be downloaded from here. CLICK ME

    5. Maxthon

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    People don't know about this browser, Maxthon 3 deserves more attention then it gets. It has way better features and speed compared to the other browsers (it may also vary on your system ). Filled with options and features other web browsers do not compare too. I recommend this browser to have with your others. Give it a try even on a USB stick.
    Latest version of Maxthon could be downloaded from here. CLICK ME

    Guys please dont think that why on earth Internet Explorer is not added into this list. The only reason is that everyone knew about it and no one uses that until and unless it is actually required, i hope you get my point.

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    Author: Shayaan Ahmad Noori

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