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  • Engineers!!! Time for you to pass Semester Exam without Back paper/Backlog: Final Tips

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    It is hard to find students in the engineering profession without any history of backlog. It seems having at least a back paper is mandatory for the engineering students. Well in this article I will be sharing tips to pass the semester exam without any backlog. Having background of engineering I do understand the scenario and conditions of engineering students with that ocean full of syllabus which Professors can over even thought he teaches for the entire year. Assignments, projects, lab records, workshops, blah blah� and their timely submission which does not give us the enough time to have a peaceful drinks (by drinks I mean that) or to chat with girl friend(s).

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    Well that is another story, you have come to the profession of engineering and engineering is the most respected profession of all. Always remember passing exam with the minimum pass mark is not a tough job, and I do agree that scoring high mark is difficult it needs a huge extra effort which we do not want to do. Think about the future a bit, you little hard work in this precious four years will give huge impact in your life latter. It will help you to secure a good job with fat salary with six digits and lead a luxury life with your dream sport cars and apartment.

    Stop taking things for granted and try to attend every lecture even though you do not have any interest. This will help you to built habit of punctuality. It is said that something is always better than nothing. In every Lecture there is always something to learn new. This might help you to write something in the exam instead of watching the invigilator and mocking him and spend the three hour of exam duration. Most importantly this will help you to build good attendance which is good for your internal marks and to impress the professor.

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    I know all of you must be having a tight schedule (which I even do during my college days) but always try to make a routine for at least 2 hours daily to revise the notes which the Professor taught that day and never skip or keep topics for tomorrow, next day you will repeat the same thinking will cover the following day. This will pile up the notes and will be a burden for you to study at the times of exam.

    For those who stay in the hostel, I am familiar with the hostel rules and regulations (not the official but you hostellers made) and had bitter experience. And do not tell me that you do not have reserve different rooms for gaming, party, mobile talking, etc. For every event other than study you reserve different rooms. In same way you people gathers and approached each other for scheduling a party organized for studying too, discuss and help each other, group study always gives good result.

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    �Now� is the right time to begin a work, do not wait for the exam day to start preparing. Exam day are the days to revise what you have learnt throughout the semester. Mind should be relaxed during the exam days. It is silly idea to study the whole night and write exam next morning without sleeping a single moment. The entire syllabus for the semester is too much to be learnt in a single night. Always stick to previous years question and make proper note for it in advance. The question model in every engineering institute is design in such a way that 40% of the mark is based on theories and remaining 60% numerical. And it is very easy to score marks from the theory if you are not familiar with the numerical.

    Truly speaking we are in the world of competitions and its survival of the fittest. There is no place for those students who are categorized below average standard.

    There is nothing a human can�t do if he has the will.

    Wishing you the best of luck for your next exam and career.

    Ending with the famous line from, �Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening� by Robert Frost

    �And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep�

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