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  • Amul: All in support for Net Neutrality

    As all the caring Netizens come together to fight for the Net Neutrality and save the Internet campaign. Amul comes up with the brilliant Ad in support of the cause. The Advertisement brings a smile on all the Netizens who are together in this battle to see such a support from a huge brand.

    The Ad speaks as a consumer to telco: Tum com ho interfere karne waale.?

    In the meanwhile Airtel continues to support its platform Airtel Zero in spite of huge social media backlash. This is after an online major retailer Flipkart opts out of the negotiations. Flipkart faced huge criticism on the social media for the fact that it teamed up with Airtel for its Zero Rating platform and was supporting it along with Airtel.

    About the Author: The author is a telecom specialist and startup consultant. Follow him on twitter @mishchandan

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