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  • Tips for Scoring High Internal Marks

    It is said that �Its human to want more� the needs of the human is never ending but keeps expanding. We want to get the best result with the least effort. At times we see people who work completely with their heart and soul but at the end of the day he gets nothing not even the credit. And we don�t want to be among that category of peoples. Well, talking about this will led to another road.

    Here in this article I will be sharing tips to score high internal marks. In deed the tips to score high without much effort. This does not meant that you will not need to work hard but bonus to your hard work. There is no shortcut to success, the more you work hard the better result you get. This part of your life is the most important part of your life. The entire future of you depends on the effort you give now.

    By now you must be aware of the importance of the internal marks. Internal marks are your main key to score high percentage. It does not matter if your score high marks in the semester exam if you have low internal mark it will drag down your overall total and vice-versa.

    Your main weapon to score high internal mark is attendance. When you have no attendance the professor will not be in a position to credit mark to you even though you score in the internal exam. Every professor wants their students to be obedient and attend their lectures. So, you will need to act as a good boy in front of him and submits every assignments, lab records, home works, etc, in time. And try to create an image that you were listening to his lectures by asking questions. The question needs not to be that of the core part, but just as an impression.

    The question in the internal exam is usually comes from the notes and the lectures that that the professors share in the class so you will need to maintain a good note and note down every important things the professor share. And you will also need to stick to the previous year question. So discuss with your senior, take their notes and prepare well.

    Well, everything depends upon you; the topper in your class is the same human like you if he can score high mark then why can�t you? The rest is up to you. The more you work hard the smoother your path to a successful career. It�s all about knowing the right thing at the right place and knowing the priority.

    About the Author: Amos Sagolsem: Google+

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