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  • Top 10 US College Majors and Annual Salary Package

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    The choice of the students regarding majors for college remains the same for the last few years. Here is the list of major which students prefer the most by those who admitted to the colleges in the US for the academic session 2015.

    1. Business Administration and Management
    2. General Psychology
    3. Nursing
    4. Biological Sciences
    5. Education
    6. English Language and Literature
    7. Economics
    8. Communications Studies
    9. Political Science
    10. Computer and Information Sciences

    Business Administration and Management:

    Business Administration and Management remains the top choice for the students. Opting this subject will provide you wide option to choose your career like management, marketing, sales, advertising, financial analysis or entrepreneurship. Those with just a bachelors degree report average starting salaries of $41,200 and mid-career salaries of $70,700.

    General Psychology:

    The average starting salary for those with a bachelors degree in psychology is $34,700, with average mid-career salaries of $60,200.
    Psychology majors focus on such features of the human mind as learning, cognition, intelligence, motivation, emotion, perception, personality, mental disorders, and the ways in which our individual preferences are inherited from our parents or shaped by our environment.


    The average starting salaries of $53,300 and mid-career salaries of $70,100. This major will impart you the knowledge of science, anatomy, and public health. And it also highly is demanding.

    Biological Sciences:

    The field of biological science is expanding and never ending. Graduates who majored in biology report average starting salaries of $37,500 and mid-career salaries of $68,700. Graduates with this major usually pursue careers as lab technicians, teachers, research assistants, and technical writers or can even engage sales and marketing of pharmaceutical companies.


    The Starting salaries of the students who opted Education as its major is $33,800. For those who want to pursue teaching as career, this major is the best choice for them and there is always vacancy of teaching faculties in every university across the globe.

    English Language and Literature:

    The average starting salaries of $36,200 and mid-career salaries of $63,500. Taking this major will help to pursue career as writer, or communicators or thinkers.


    Graduate with this major starting salary is $44,500 and the average mid-career salary is $75,100. This major will help guide to excellent preparation for a future in business, as well as for graduate studies in law, public policy, and international studies.

    Communications Studies:

    Graduates with this major enjoy starting salary of $36,500, and average mid-career salaries are $61,300.

    Political Science:
    The average starting salary of graduates with a bachelors degree in political science is $35,300, and the average mid-career salary is $59,200. Students with this major can choose their career staring from lawyer to politician to journalist.

    Computer and Information Sciences:

    Students pursuing Computer and Information Sciences have the highest scope for career. Now is the age of technology and computer and keeps on innovating every day. So getting a job is a sure shot.

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