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  • Challenging the Climate Change: Green Career Path: TERI University

    Imagine a world where you could use your rooftop to generate power from the sun, or drive your car without emitting any smoke, or create energy from the waste. Is such a world possible? Well, the seeds are being sown towards sustainable growth of the global community through renewable energy technologies.

    Renewable energy is being promoted across different countries, including India, for reasons ranging from reducing carbon emissions to enhancing energy security and powering remote and rural households.

    The future of renewable sector looks bright as traditional fossil fuel-based systems are becoming uneconomical to run. Due to policy enablers and innovative business models, over 500 GW of renewable installations have been operationalized across the globe. The cost of power generated from wind and solar projects has become competitive with that generated from the conventional grid. India has put up ambitious plans to harness renewable energy sources in both grid-connected and decentralized formats.

    Would you not like to be a part of this green revolution and join the sustainability movement? Why donít you consider pursuing a Masterís degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management at TERI University?

    The course, covering the key aspects of renewable energy, will equip you with a niche skill-set in the area of renewable energy technologies and management, both as a professional and an entrepreneur.

    Inputs From: Sapan Thapar, Fellow, TERI University
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