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  • Is India A Gadget Dump Yard? APPLE Certainly Feels That Way!

    Is India A Gadget Dump Yard? APPLE Certainly Feels That Way!Will Appleís undervaluing the Indian consumer market turn out against it?

    Itís March 2011 and there is still no sign of the official launch of the iPhone 4 in India while the whole world is playing with it and waiting for the White iPhone 4 and its next version too. Same is the case with iPad, that too came late to the Indian market. When will the iPad 2 grace the Indians with its presence is still a question. Why do Apple products not reach India even after its next product release is due? These are some questions that have been annoying many Indian techies.

    The step-motherly treatment

    The patient Indian Apple fans are keeping their fingers crossed in a hope that Apple would stop treating them like the outcast but Apple seems least bothered. The Apple iPad sailed to India, a long 1 year after the Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs released the trend-setter tablet in U.S. Apple has again been ignorant towards Indian fans by not including India as its launch countries for iPad 2.

    Date of iPad( Wi-Fi version) launch in U.S.: April 3, 2010
    Date of iPad( Wi-Fi + 3G version) launch in U.S.: April 30, 2010
    Date of iPadís second phase: May 28, 2010 (Released in UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Japan and Switzerland)
    iPadís Official debut in India: January 28, 2011

    These dates point towards Appleís marketing strategy, making it obvious that they are using the Indian market as a dumping ground for selling the left over stock from the European and American markets.

    Fooling around with the iPhone!

    The case with iPhone 4 is same as that of iPad. The awaited iPhone 4 was disclosed to the world on June 24, 2010 and was initially available in U.S. including 17 other countries such as Europe and some in Asia. The leading Indian telecom operators had announced that they will bring the iPhone 4 to India during September or October 2010 but still there hasnít been any sign of it.

    Losing out to android

    This negligence on the part of the Apple company for the late releases of their products is providing android a clean path to enter the Indian market to capture it. The android phones have been giving a tough time to the iPhone, with the same sophistication as in the latter. The android phone have been more personal customizable than iPhone and have been matching the quality offered by iPhone.

    What about iPad 2??

    The iPad 2 has already been launched in U.S. and other countries with India missing from the list. Apple has yet not confirmed any date but the company is working on a launch date to be announced. Itís likewise that Apple will launch iPad 2 as they have been promoting it on their Indian website too which they hadnít done for the previous version .

    There have also been rumours about iPhone 4 being released in India within a month with BSNL as its exclusive carrier.
    Inspite of the large number of mobile apps developers from India and its large, growing number of the technically sound population, India has not been taken under the list of the Global launches for Apple, which obviously raises a question Ė Is India a disposing ground for the left over stocks of the Apple products?